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What should you know about NID – DAT & its Preparation?

What should you know about NID – DAT & its Preparation?

Creativity is the Holy Grail of designing, which also makes designing one of the most sought-after professions for several creative powerhouses. For anyone eyeing a fulfilling career in design, cracking Design Aptitude Test or the DAT is indispensable.

Design Aptitude Test – What should you know?

NID Design Aptitude Test is a written exam of 100 marks for 3 hours where the student’s ability in Design Problem Solving, Visual Sense, Observation & Perception, Environmental Awareness, Mental Ability and Communication skills is gauged through a range of visual and textual questions. The written exam is often Stage 1 of testing the design aptitude of students.

Next comes Stage 2, which entails Studio Test, Interview & Portfolio Review. This test of 3-hours duration tests the candidates for Observation, Doodling and Material Handling.

How to Prepare for NID DAT?

People often have misconceptions about being amazing artists for admission into NID. This is not always the criteria. Often people take proper NID training and coaching to crack the exam with flying colors.

If you have an inclination towards creativity, can connect the dots and have a strong perceptive sense, you can easily clear the exam if you prepare well.

Some tips to help you clear NID DAT have been discussed below:

  • Don’t compromise sleep for preparation of exam – DAT focuses largely on common sense and perceptiveness, which requires candidates to be alert and focused during the exam. It is hence, very important to catch your regular sleep and  be alert.
  • Brush up General Knowledge & Quant – Try to solve maximum sample test papers and time your solving capabilities. This will help you become faster and much more prepared to answer questions in the most effective and quickest possible manner.
  • Start Preparation Early – It is not important to take in all the grasping immediately, but is much more essential to start preparing early for your exam. With consistent number of regular hours invested in your study schedule, any candidate inclined towards designing can clear the NID DAT.
  • Work on everyday Observations – Sharpen your regular observational skills by having a conscious observation about everything around you. With clarity in everyday observations, you can develop stronger observational skills, which would not just help you clear NID DAT, but also help ameliorate your designing career.
  • NID Coaching – Choose to partner with the most astute NID DAT Coaching centre where you can enhance your sketching capabilities in the right direction.

Training for NID DAT consistently along with a proper time management strategy is the key to cracking the Design Aptitude Test. Get started now!

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