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NATA 2017

Counsel of Architecture (COA) has announced off line paper based NATA 2017 exam for admission to 5 yrs. undergraduate Architecture Program (B.Arch.) across various Universities. The exam will be conducted on 16.04.2017 all across India. The old system of on-line exam, 5 attempts has been stopped from 2017. There are some changes in exam curriculum also. Module of 60 marks for mathematics has been added.

Please note NATA 2017 score will be valid only for admission to 2017-2018 academic year & will not valid for next year.

Passing Criteria:

  1. 25% in MCQ & Drawing Test individually
  2. Overall qualifying marks will be decided by COA

Admission Criteria for B.Arch.:

  • Min. age of 17 yrs. complete as on 31.07.2017 &
  • 10+2 with Mathematics with 50% Marks or 10+3 Diploma with Mathematics or equivalent &
  • Valid NATA 2017 or NATA 2016 score

Exam Topics


Algebra, Logarithm, Matrices, Trigonometry, Coordinate Geometry of Two dimensions, Coordinate Geometry of Three dimensions, Calculus, Application of Calculus, Permutation and Combination, Statistics and Probability

General Aptitude:

The aesthetic sensitivity test measures perception, imagination and observation, creativity and communication along with architectural awareness and comprises of :

  • Objects, texture related to architecture and built environment.
  • Interpretation of pictorial compositions, visualizing 3D objects from 2D drawing.
  • Visualizing different sides of 3D objects.
  • Analytical reasoning, mental ability (visual, mental and verbal), Awareness of national/international architects & their creations.
  • Imaginative comprehension and expression.
  • Mathematical Reasoning: Statements, logical operations like and, or, if and only if,
  • implies and implied by. Understanding of tautology, converse, contradiction & contrapositive.
  • Sets and Variables: Idea of sets, subsets & power set, complement, union, intersection and difference of sets, Venn diagram, De Morgan’s Laws, Relation and its properties.

Equivalence relations – definition and elementary examples.

Drawing Test:

  • Understanding of Scale and proportion of objects, geometric compositions, shape, building forms and elements, aesthetics, colour texture, harmony and contrast, light & shadows.
  • Conceptualization and Visualization through structuring objects in memory.
  • Drawing of pattern – both geometrical and abstract.
  • Form transformations in 2D and 3D like union, subtraction, rotation, surface and volumes.
  • Generating plan, elevation and 3D views of objects.
  • Creating 2D and 3D compositions using given shape and forms.
  • Perspective drawing, sketching of urbanscape and landscape.
  • Common day-to-day life objects like furniture, equipment etc. from memory.

List of Exam Centers will be displayed on site soon. Please download exam brochure from the NATA site. B.Arch. is perused as one of the preferred and professional course after 12th. It gives good career opportunity to grow.

Incepto provides comprehensive training for NATA preparation. Admission for Crash course and regular course has already been started. Crash will be started immediately after the HSC/ 12th exam.