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Mindscape – Architecture

Architecture Courses & Colleges in India an overview:

Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) – 5 Yrs., Undergraduate Program

Please check the actual schedule on respective web-site of institute/ governing body. The months mentioned above are tentative which are subject to change as per the Institute’s needs and should not be considered as final.

Mindscape – NATA & JEE (Arch) Preparation Course

Incepto provides comprehensive preparation course for NATA & JEE (Arch) exam which is designed in such a way that even the candidates who is new to drawing skill can pick up very fast to crack the exam with high score. The course is designed & delivered by Professors/ Architects with min. 5+ yrs. of experience.

Following are important aspects of the course:

  • Lot of practice for drawing the sketches as per the entrance exam requirement
  • Ample Practice tests as per the final NATA & JEE (Arch.) exam
  • Exam answer checking as per the final exam
  • Field Visit for drawing for students to get real time experience
  • Trainer with 5+ yrs experience in teaching & practice

Course Modules

1 Drawing Test:

This module is mainly designed to enhance the ability of candidate’s to sketch, their sense of perspective drawing and their understanding of scale and proportions etc.

Following things are taught in this module:

  • Sketching lines (Types & line weights), geometric shapes, and Human figures.
  • One point & 2 point Perspective drawing & its application in memory drawing
  • Colour scheme & colour theory
  • Visualization of 2D into 3D objects & Composition of 2D and 3D objects with shade and shadows
  • Mural Design, Logo design

2 Aesthetic Sensitivity

This module covers various topics such as their Architectural Awareness, Mental Ability, Analytical reasoning etc.

  • Analytical reasoning: To develop analysis skills & sequential approach to clarify the problems.
  • Architectural vocabulary: To learn understand Basic Technical Terms in Architecture Field
  • Mental Ability: It include knowledge scales that measure specific constructs such as verbal, mechanical, numerical, social, and spatial ability of student.
  • Architectural awareness: To learn about existing architectural monumental buildings, history & Famous architects names etc.

Ample course material and drawing practice is provided during the class. Personal attention is provided to every candidate. Lot of questions are discussed with the students and solved in the class. At the end students need to clear the online test before appearing for the final exam.