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Mindmap- Designing

The design world is always changing. Roles, mediums, trends, and technology continue to evolve. The word “design” itself is broadly used term and can apply to everything from fashion and tech to manufacturing and architecture.

In general, designers are creative, problem solver, spatially inclined thinkers with a great eye.

Design Specializations:

There are many types of designers who work in a wide range of industries. Some designers generalize and work in many different fields, while others concentrate on one specialty.

Top Design Schools in India:

Following are some of the reputed design schools in India which offers B.Des., M.Des. or PG Diploma program in Design.

Courses offered in India for designing:

Bachelor of Design (B.Des.)/ Graduate Diploma Program in Designing

It is 4 yrs. course offered Design Schools like NID, IDC, MITID, SID etc. The eligibility for this course is 10+2 or Diploma or equivalent. The first year course is mostly foundation and students are offered specialization from Second Year onwards. Student need to crack entrance exam to seek the admission in these design schools. It includes stages like Design Aptitude Test, Studio Test, Portfolio Presentation & Personal Interview etc.

Master of Design (M.Des.)/ Post Graduate Diploma

It is 2/ 2.5 yrs. course offered by Design Schools like NID, IDC, MITID etc. The eligibility for this course is BE, BFA, B.Des., B.Arch., Graduate etc. Student need to crack entrance exam to seek the admission in these design schools. It includes stages like Design Aptitude Test, Studio Test, and Portfolio Presentation & Personal Interview etc.

BFA – Applied Arts

Many of the universities offer Bachelor of Fine Arts – Applied Arts Program. (BFA- Applied Arts) along with BFA. All spheres of design aiming to ideate, conceptualize and materialize ‘designs’ that serve specific purposes or needs that solve existing problems are referred to as ‘applied arts’. Under Applied Arts mainly graphic design, interior design, industrial design etc. are offered as specialization.

BFA Duration is 4 yrs. & eligibility for taking admission is 10+2 or equivalent.

Mindmap: Building Blocks for Design Entrance Preparation

1. Outline for beginners
  • Introduction: About Design and Design Education
  • Design Disciplines
  • Required Abilities and competency
  • Opportunities
  • Course Structure
2. Visualization and spatial ability
  • Elements & Principles Of Design
  • Drawing Fundamentals
  • Lettering
  • Natural & Geometrical Form
  • Color Terminology
  • Color, Pattern & Texture
  • Principles of Composition
  • 2D composition
  • 3D Composition
  • Optical Illusion
  • Understanding Light & Shade
  • 3D Visualization
3. Observation and design sensitivity
  • Picture Analysis
  • Visual Logic
  • Memory Drawing
  • Use of Measurements, Scale & proportions
  • Ornaments & motifs
  • Creative thinking & writing
4.Environmental and social awareness
  • General awareness
  • Design Awareness
  • Implications on the design of products
  • social and cultural awareness
  • history of the design
  • History of art, sculpture and literature.
5. Analytical and logical reasoning
  • Lateral Thinking
  • Story pictures
  • Developing Observation
  • Innovation & Creation
  • Design Language
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Problem Finding and Solution
6. Language and creativity
  • Creative Thinking and Writing
  • Expressing ideas through words and sketches
7. Design thinking and problem solving
  • Inspiration & Creativity
  • Imagination & Doodling
  • Form & Function
  • Expression & Emotion
  • Innovation in Design
  • Design Theory
  • Presentation Techniques
8. Personal Guidance for
  • Portfolio Preparation
  • Studio Test
  • Personal Interview/ Group Discussion