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How to prepare for creative world after 10th /12th field parents should not ignore

How to prepare for creative world after 10th /12th field parents should not ignore

We live in a ubiquitous world, replete with several creative offerings. Why is it that despite the creativities around us, we follow a cookie-cutter approach when selecting the best career for us? We live in a world where opportunities for the creatively inclined are on a steady rise.

Let’s not limit ourselves and deep-dive into a creative world that liberates us from all hindrances. Here’s a list of some creative fields parents of creatively inclined students in 10th must not ignore. Read along to help kids choose the best careers for themselves:

  • Digital – The Digital Wave has sure hit us, and uncovered several exciting opportunities for designers, writers and strategists. Unleash your hidden creativity to come up with amazing results in the digital world, where you’d surely find some of the best fields that are high paying and suited to your liking.
  • Sports – It is time to applaud your child’s interest in sports. A career in sports is no longer limited to cricket in India. There are several enticing ways in which young sportspersons make their parents proud by making it big.
  • Media A career in media for the truly dedicated individuals comes across as a blessing these days. Careers in media are brave choices that are rewarded generously by talented young individuals. Let your child grow and soar high in the field of media.
  • Design – Young rock-stars who love the field of design often do not get the acclaim they deserve. In today’s world, designing creatively is an asset that strengthens your child’s career and ensures rewarding options for youngsters.
  • Architecture – Gone are the days when architecture was limited to designing buildings. Today, there are vast options for the aesthetically inclined youngsters who see architecture as a mode of expression. Bring out the best in yourself by harnessing your creative side in architecture. Not only does architecture acquaint you with the creativities in you, but also helps you learn about some of the most vital aspects of life, which are of use in every sphere of life.

It is imperative to encourage youngsters to dig deep into their souls and choose the best career for them.

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