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Fostering Creativity Into Architecture

Fostering Creativity Into Architecture

Have you felt that beautiful adrenaline rush lately? If not, perhaps a creative and exciting venture could help you taste the savoury fruits of innovation sometime. On second thoughts however, why not simply pursue a career in designing or architecture? Because designers and architects get this amazing creative kick with every project they take up!

Art finds a place for itself in the very definition of architecture, which is an art of designing and planning enclosures of space for human utilization. We may come to agree that creativity is always close to art. This creative art could paint your live with its amazing designs and vibrant hues.

Scope of Innovation in Design & Architecture

“The most creative spaces are those which hurl us together. It is the human friction that makes the sparks.”

– Jonah Lehrer

Architecture and designing are open fields for the creative junkies who always want to be ahead in their innovation game. If you take out creativity from architecture, you’d get the raw forms of other disciplines such as social sciences, management, history, operational research, philosophy, graphic design, math and etc.

What differentiates architecture from other disciplines is this creativity that enables the innately creative mind of an architect imagines the outcome of a building he or she has designed in his or her mind. An artistic architect needs to not just design the plan and structure of a building, but consider other factors that influence its practicability, cost and maximize convenience.

Architects need to outfox the million constraints that impede their creativity and do justice to each one of them… And now, do you still think the job of an architect is easy?

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