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Creativity, Passion, Creative people are in demand

Creativity, Passion, Creative people are in demand

Creativity, Passion, Creative people are in demand

Did you ever think your creativity could help you mint money? If not, it’s time to consider harnessing your creative skills in the right direction. Demands for people with creative skills have been surging since the past few years.

Today, businesses are fueled by creativity and passion. Students with creative inclinations need to be encouraged to pursue their interests. A creative career inclination could take you to top Institutes such as NID or MIT ID. It would not just yield satisfaction, but also be a monetarily rewarding decision.

Growing your career with Creativity!

Gone are those days when engineers and doctors were the only strong players who enjoyed a high pay-scale. Today, automation lurks as a threat in the lives of most professionals hailing from diverse industries.

Does that mean there would come a time when we’d all be practically jobless? Perhaps not!

The answer to swift moving technological advancements is creativity… With creative avenues, professionals today can live the beautiful successes they’d just dream of! Creative professionals with a passion for their work are the need of the hour.

Boosting Faster Job Growth with Creative Industries

Studies have shown that creative industries boost faster job growth and slower job loss than other sectors of the economy. 6 in 10 people believe that being creative is valuable to their country’s economy.

When CEO’s were asked what skill they valued most in people, creativity was a key attribute they stated. About 60% CEOs cited creativity as the most important leadership quality. Now that we know the C-Suite point of view, let’s not restrain ourselves for a stable or popular career choice. Aspirants for creative courses can look to crack exams for admissions in NID, MIT ID, IDC, J.J. Arts, etc. need to pull up their socks and utilize their creativity in the right directions.

Want to be an architect, writer, musician or an actor? Just go for it and unleash your hidden creativity by harnessing it in the field of your choice…

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