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A day at NID: A topmost designing school In India

A day at NID: A topmost designing school In India

Have you been following news related to placements at National Institute of Design? If yes, perhaps you’d have heard of Ludhiana-based Trident Group who offered a 72-lakh pay package to a PG student in retail design at NID. On the very first day of placement drive in December 2015, 47 companies visited NID’s Paldi Campus where an average pay package of 15 lakh was offered.

A place whee all dreams come true could be the best possible description of this institute where students grab amazing offers and make their parents, teachers and peers proud. Wouldn’t you want to be a part of this esteemed Institution? If yes, here’s a brief lowdown on what is life like in NID.

Life at NID

While there are several art colleges around the world, NID comes across as a coveted institute for most students. While other Institutions have several USPs, what makes NID truly special is the beautiful memories students weave there. Famous architects and designers from NID often remember their past days of NID as truly the best of their lives.

Amid the fun environment of NID, a lot of students start their days with about 5 of classes, varying for each discipline. The rest of the day is spent in their respective discipline studios, where you can unleash your hidden passion for designing.

For the truly passionate students, the NID library is one of the best places to spend the rest of your time. NID campuses are abuzz with several interactions within the campus or with the outside design world. You can enjoy the innovative assignments, activities and hangouts or trips that leave amazing memories in your mind.
Aren’t you excited to be a part of this fun and passionate environment? If yes, make sure you prepare well and crack NID entrance exam 2016! Best of luck…

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